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DESIGNERS NOTES: This beautiful black velvet corset refers to 16th-century armor. This corset doesn’t have cups or wires but traditionally flattens the breasts and lifts them upwards, creating an extravagant décolleté. The front covers the belly button, and the play between the black velvet and lace fabric accentuate a cinched waist. The cut of the different fabrics will make you feel strong and powerful, while the lace details and hand placed pearls add just the right amount of femininity. This truly unique shape will not only give you a stunning cleavage, but also turns you into a majestic lady. With my Couture Collection, I tell a story through lavish, one of-a-kind designs using rich, luxurious materials. This season I was inspired by the glorious life and legacy of the ‘Queen of Pearls’ Elizabeth the First of England. As an ode to her brave beauty I combined splendid, stretchy velvet with luscious lace and black pearls. Referring to her regal, yet playful character, I added glamorous ruffs to the form-finessing designs. And how about the pièce de résistance of the collection: a spectacular tapered bodice, sure to bolster your confidence... and more! Wear my Queen of Pearls collection and dare to transform the mundane into the majestic!

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