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MUCHACHOMALO* Womens Boy Short


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Long before mankind, there was another life form on earth. This print shows the pre-historic animals that have become extinct. When you look closer, you can see that some of them look like animals that we are familiar with today. Archaeologists have excavated their bones and other remains all over the world. After studying these discoveries scientists have been able to reconstruct these pre-historic creatures. Many of us only think of animals being extinct, however some plants and trees have also become extinct. This print also shows some of nature’s most beautiful plants and trees that no longer exist. When you look closely, you can see the bone structure of a dinosaur. The unique prints used in the MUCHACHOMALO* collections are created by artists and fashion designers. Their exciting hand-painted designs capture the zeitgeist and make art wearable. MUCHACHOMALO* is underwear with attitude for those who know their own mind, individuals who are always up for adventure. As well as the collections for men and women there are also MUCHACHOMALO* collections for boys and girls – because it’s never too early to start encouraging rebels.

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