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Have you ever imagined yourself traveling in space? Is this one of the things to do on your bucket list? Do you have any idea what you might encounter in space? We do, and we incorporated our ideas into the first print. Imagine floating through space with your friends, all dressed in astronaut suits, surrounded by stars and satellites, watching the earth from above. Imagine what life would be like in space? Exploring space and discovering new worlds are what the second print is about. Find yourself in a spaceship that just landed on an unknown planet. You are anxious to explore this new world and hope to find any elements that might support life on this planet. Do you ever want to explore new planets? Or are you just fine being on earth? The unique prints used in the MUCHACHOMALO* collections are created by artists and fashion designers. Their exciting hand-painted designs capture the zeitgeist and make art wearable. MUCHACHOMALO* is underwear with attitude for those who know their own mind, individuals who are always up for adventure. As well as the collections for men and women there are also MUCHACHOMALO* collections for boys and girls – because it’s never too early to start encouraging rebels.

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