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MARLIES DEKKERS* Pallas Athena Suspender


DESIGNERS NOTES: My Pallas Athena collection is designed for glorious goddesses. I was inspired by the divine Athena; her formidable beauty and strategic brain power. Just imagine her claiming the most desirable city of Ancient Greece in her billowing gown and shiny armour! Perhaps the ultimate archetype of female power: both its hardcore and its gentle side. This couture collection celebrates Athena’s divine feminine force with sensational statement lingerie. Feisty golden-black armour is layered over sensual lace sprinkled with dainty flowers. Eye-catching metallic details complete the look of pure, classical beauty.Wear my Pallas Athena and glow like a gorgeous goddess. The sky is the limit. Pallas Athena’s power had two very different sides, -one hardcore, one gentle- and so does this spectacular garter belt! In the front, you’re battle-ready with high quality faux leather in black and gold, decorated with fierce handmade metal ornaments and studs. Turn around to show your divinely sweet side with precious black-rimmed pink. The belts themselves are true trophies with a Greek meander pattern in fabulous gold. Victory guaranteed. This garter belt holds up your stockings perfectly. With the waistband most of the upperpart of the buttocks are covered, while partially covering the belly.

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