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MARLIES DEKKERS* Meander Push-Up Bra


DESIGNERS NOTES: Treat your body like a temple of love with this gorgeously ornamented push up bra. The bisque hue makes any skintone glow, the lace overlay and golden linings add sparkle and sensuality to your décolleté. And check out the stunning gold metal meander details! You go, goddess! This padded push up bra puts your breasts in the spotlights. Padding gives you extra support. Small cushions and closely fitted wires give you a dazzlingly deep cleavage. Choose this shape for a very sexy décolleté. My Meander Collection is inspired by the ancient Greek symbol for the eternal bond of love: the marvelous meander. Is there a motif more hypnotizing than this sensual snaking pattern? I chose a gorgeous bisque hue that makes any skintone blush and wrapped it in luscious lace. Classic golden ornaments were added to the shoulder straps, giving you the flair of a Greek goddess. Remember: life’s course meanders like a sinuous river. Dare to be sensual! Treat your body like a temple of love with the precious ornamented pieces from my Meander collection. You go, goddess!

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