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MARLIES DEKKERS* Lagertha's Combat Black Brief 5 cm


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Designer Notes: This briefs has sides measuring 5 cm. The upper part of the hips and buttocks are covered. Choose this shape to transform your bum into a cheeky eyecatcher. A delicate faux leather ornament does the trick for this simple yet sensual black brief. The ornament on the back of the brief symbolises Lagertha's fighting skills and completes the look of a female warrior. My Lagertha’s Combat collection is designed for ladies who fight for their dreams. I was inspired by Lagertha’s fighting skills. Like a flexible dancer she roamed the battlefield, fending off anyone standing in her way. Look how she’s flaunting her talents! How can you not be inspired by such a badass shieldmaiden! This collection wraps you in Lagertha’s battlefield poetry. Graphic lines, leather ornaments and sturdy studs boost your body with the spirit of a true warrior queen. Wear Lagertha’s Combat and unleash your own inner fighter.

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