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MARLIES DEKKERS* Lagertha's Combat Balcony Bra


Designer Notes: This black bra decorates your décolleté with a sensual play of lines referring to Lagertha's fighting skills. Sturdy straps mark your front and cross on your back. Feisty faux leather details complete the look of a female warrior. This padded balcony bra works for every type of breast. Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing all of the breasts create a modest cleavage. Choose this shape to get yourself a pair of stylish breasts and comfort. My Lagertha’s Combat collection is designed for ladies who fight for their dreams. I was inspired by Lagertha’s fighting skills. Like a flexible dancer she roamed the battlefield, fending off anyone standing in her way. Look how she’s flaunting her talents! How can you not be inspired by such a badass shieldmaiden! This collection wraps you in Lagertha’s battlefield poetry. Graphic lines, leather ornaments and sturdy studs boost your body with the spirit of a true warrior queen. Wear Lagertha’s Combat and unleash your own inner fighter.

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