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MARLIES DEKKERS* Kunochi Maple Sugar Brief 5 cm


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Designer Notes: These briefs decorate your bottom with a sensual faux leather ornament, a lemon-yellow warrior ribbon and a dash of dots. These details symbolise female power. Its luxurious lace and soft pink tone celebrate your femininity. This Brazilian briefs have sides measuring 5 cm. Hips and groin are covered partially, while belly and lower part of your buttocks remain exposed. Choose this shape for a bum that's covered but glamorous. My Kunoichi Collection is designed for ladies tough as nails. Female fighters from all corners of the world inspired me. As a skilled warrior Lagertha reminded me of the legendary Kunoichi: Japan’s notorious female ninjas. Both agile, eager and sharp as a razor blade. Do we need to say more? Female strength is everywhere! This collection preps you for female heroism. Lace and pink symbolise your femininity. Dotted straps, black leather and lemon-yellow warrior ribbons impress your opponents. Wear my Kunoichi and fly to victory.

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