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MARLIES DEKKERS* Earl Lagertha Plunge Balcony Bra

$290.00 $363.00

Designer Notes: Stunning faux leather straps decorate your bra, symbolising Lagertha's strength. A tailormade icy white web of luxurious lace covers the bra's vanilla toned fabric. Buckles and studs complete the look of a feisty female. This padded balcony bra works for every type of breast. Padding gives you extra support. Wires enclosing all of the breasts create a modest cleavage.. My Earl Lagertha Collection is designed for feisty females. I was inspired by Lagertha’s force and fearlessness. You can tell what a woman is made of when life is hard on her. When her second husband abused her, Lagertha didn’t wait around for some man to safe her. No! Lagertha defended her own honour. Earning herself a position of power in the process. This collection wraps you in Lagertha’s independence. I used sturdy stirrups combined with feminine lace. They symbolise her outer strength and inner power. Wear Earl Lagertha and feel you can fight your own battles.

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