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Checking yourself in the bra you are currently wearing

(1) Put the back band of your bra on the middle attachment. I like to fit on the middle attachment to give a little flexibility with slight weight changes.
(2) Adjust your straps to where you feel is most comfortable.
(3) In your bra, stand in front of a generous sized mirror.
(4) Shoulders facing the mirror, place your arms straight down at your side and relax your shoulders.
(5) Look at the distance from your armpit to the edge of your bra ( 45 degree angle ) You want under 1 inch of distance. Preferable .5 of an inch. Anything over 1 inch indicated that the wire of your bra is sitting on the edge of the curvature of your breast.

(6) Also, standing with your shoulders straight towards the mirror, look to see if the wires in the centre of your bra are sitting against your chest. It is ideal with a good fit to have the centre of your bra sit against your chest. If not, this could be due to the cup not being deep enough for you.
(7) Standing with your shoulders square to your mirror, lift both arms( straight ) up HIGH. If your bra lifts up over the bottom of your breast, this indicates one of two things, or maybe even both. One being that the back size of your bra is to big for you and the second being that the cup is not deep enough for your breast.
(8) How do you figure this out??? If the distance from your armpit to the edge of the bra is 1 inch or under, its most likely that the back size is to blame for this. If there is more then 1 inch distance but the front of your cups have empty hollows or wrinkles in the material, pull on the back of your bra to see if the wires would go into the right position with the right amount of tension in the back. If the back size is to big but the cup size would work, remember that cups grow and shrink with back sizes so if you need to go down a back size and you were a 38C you would need a 36D. The D being the same size as the C in that 38 back........ HOWEVER, if you lift your arms, fill your cups and have good tension in the back but the bra still lifts and has 1 inch or less of distance from your armpit to the edge of the bra, the cup is not deep enough.
(9) Turn sideways in front of your mirror and lift your arms up straight to the ceiling. Here you want to look at where the wire is sitting. Your natural breast line comes up on a 45 degree angle underneath your armpit and generally to the centre of your armpit.
(10 ) If you turn sideways a little more ( 3/4 ) to view your back. Look at where your straps are adjusted. Its a very good indication that with straps needing to be tighten to the max or within 1.5 inches to the tops of your shoulders or on a reversed strapping system, 1.5 inches to the bottom... the back size is too big. Straps adjusted to these levels lead to braʼs eventually riding up your back and then the cup gaping forward in the front. This is not always the case. In my experience about 98% accurate. I find that young ladies ( 17 years and under ) as well as women with C cup and under will need the straps nearer to the top. With a fuller cup more tension is created.


(1) Get down to a thin layer. Maybe a thin t-shirt or tank top. If you have a friend to give you a hand its ideal and if not, that perfectly fine.
(2) With a friend, have them stand behind you and wrap the tape around your rib cage. Make sure the tape is right up to the underneath of your breast. Relax your shoulders and be natural. Donʼt worry about expanding your lungs and taking deep breaths. We donʼt walk around all day doing that and this will give you a measurement to big. Just relax your shoulders and have your arms hang down at your sides. Have your friend pull tight on the tap when taking the measurement.
(3) On your own. Standing in front of a mirror, take the tape and wrap it around your rib cage. Make sure the tape is right up to the underneath of your breast. Donʼt worry about expanding your lungs and taking deep breaths. We donʼt walk around all day doing that and this will give you a measurement to big. Just relax your shoulders. Pull the tape tight and look in the mirror at where the tape reads. If you angle up the tape it wont be as accurate.

Finding your cup...there are going to be two ways for you to find you cup 

(1) COME TO SEDAZ!! This is the BEST way to find your proper back and cup:) If youʼre not able to make the trip up or down to Sedaz Lingerie in beautiful Smithers BC Canada, then (2) is going to be the most accurate way to find the right width of wire for you. 
On a lot of online sites, they recommend measuring around your rib cage, then the fullest part of your breast, taking these two measurements and subtracting one from the other etc... Iʼm calling BULL on that method! Itʼs so far from the truth. There are different width to depths required between breasts. This is not the way to go.
(2) Find the back size you should be in from the “taking your measurements” instructions. We are going off of the 1-10 directions “Checking yourself in the bra you are currently wearing” to help you find the right cup with the new correct back size you need to be wearing.
If by my chart, it says you need to be in a different back.. by how many sizes? An example... If you are wearing a 38 but you need a 34, thats down 2 sizes. Keep that difference and write it down. Is it up in backs or down in backs??
What cup are you currently wearing? If the cup width seems to be correct but the back is the wrong size, in order to keep the same cup width in a different back you need to keep in mind that the cup will grow with bigger backs and shrink with smaller backs. An example... Your wearing a 38C but you need a 34 back..thats 2 sizes smaller.. So with your C you will need a D in a 36 and a DD in a 34.
If the cup you are wearing is 1 inch or more from your armpit ( to small of wire width ) for every .5 inch is a 1/2 cup. If its 3 inches away from your armpit. You need to add 2 cup sizes to the cup you are currently wearing.. An example... Your wearing a 38C but you have 3 inches of gap from armpit to bra edge and you need to be in a 34 as well!! Well lets add 2 cups to that C.. D, DD. So in the 38 you would need a DD. Now lets get you in that right back. a 38DD is the same as a 36E and a 34F. You need a 34FF :)

Common issues, insecurities and misconceptions 

In my experience fitting people, it has been very common for almost everyone to think they are a small cup ( A, B, C ) If they have a smaller chest. What people donʼt realize is, that the cup size ( A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, G, GG, H etc ) is the width of the wire and not necessarily the depth the cup. One might need the width of a D cup but with a shallow depth. This is where different styles and certain lines work well for different shaped breasts.
A woman might need the width of a D cup in a 32 back size bra and when I tell them this they freak out because they think a “D” cup is HUGE!! This is the misconception. A D cup in a 32 back is the same as a C cup in a 34 back and a B in a 36 back. Cup sizes graduate with the back and shrink with the back. Because a lot of people donʼt realize this it is more common then you would think that people are wearing not just the wrong cup size but the back as well.
A lot of finding the best fit for a person is getting them into the right back size. People can generally do two back sizes and two cup sizes ( because of cup graduation ) I promote fitting into the smaller of the two back sizes.
Women are so hard on themselves! Itʼs that which drives a person or brings them down. DONʼT BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF!! Almost every woman worries about “Back Fat” from a bra. Unless your dead, if your in the right back size for your bra ( which gives you good tension ) you will see your bra pull into your skin. We all have skin, muscles and tissue over our bodies. So in saying that, we are going to take that beautiful lift, and coverage desired from the front, feel the security of our braʼs not shifting around while we go about our day and feel like a million bucks!
Itʼs very common for women to feel like once they find there bra size, “Thats it!” Thats the size they are going to be forever. Different lines fit a little differently. Itʼs safe to say that if you find a line ( brand ) that works for you, they generally fit the same in the back sizing but between different style of cups, they vary. I find that formed cups ( with a foam mold, holding a round shape empty ) fit a little smaller in the cup in comparison to a soft cup ( a “demi” soft, limp material ) if someone is fitting nicely in the “Deco” by Freya ( a formed cup bra ) in a 34DD, they will fit the 34D in a soft cup from freya. Keep that in mind between soft cups and formed cups.
The majority of leading brands use UK cup sizing: A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K, KK, L, LL. Some of the lines are American and will use: DDD ( E ) and DDDD ( F ).

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