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Amy Brandstetter

Hello beautiful people! My name is Amy Brandstetter. I own Sedaz Lingerie. I also am the author of two books that I have published in the last three years! And I am currently working on my third.
I am extremely passionate. Artistic and expressive. I am an empath. I feel people immensely. I am a healer. I am an advocate for strength and kindness. Being 100% true to yourself and embracing all of lifes hardships in the most positive way possible. Poetry is a one of the many ways I love to express myself.
I am an artistic nude fine arts model. It's all encompassing of my whole "brand" of being empowered and inspired.
To love ones self and make the most of your journey in this life. Be confident. Love the skin you are in and always be kind. The world needs it more now than ever. I hope you enjoy my books! Feel inspired and empowered to be all that you are! Xx 

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  "Amy and Layla both rock! The product is amazing and the girls are both so incredibly helpful. If I could give more than five stars I would"    ... Facebook Review's