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Inspired by Strength, in love with Marlies Dekkers! ( January 23 2015 )
Marlies Dekkers is more then an inspiration. I can't imagine she has ever tolerated anything short of "yes". A beautiful Lingerie Designer from the Netherlands, Marlies Dekkers has taken this world by storm. With the whole innovation as innerwear to be worn as outerwear, she's what every women has been waiting for. I love and admire how fearless this women is. If she wants to, she just does it.. Not to compare myself to her for self flattery :) but I can relate to so much of her cause. I truly believe in the simple notion that Sexy Lingerie, makes a women feel just that... Sexy... Confident... Strong! 
As a business owner of a Lingerie store, twice a year my husband and I fly down to Vancouver and attend the Metro Market. This is where we meet with the sale reps associated with each line. We graze over the new collections for each month, for the up coming seasons.. I look forward to the level of EXCITEMENT from our rep and now friend, Bill Schmitt, that is bestowed on us with his presentation for the new Marlies Dekkers collections. This man levitates on the energy coming from each and every piece. Who would have thought that a man could ever understand the depth of lingerie for a women. That might sound really sexist, call it what you like.. I say it how it is thought, for myself anyway. He is in love with this line and in my mind I believe is a HUGE part of the growth for Marlies Dekkers in North America. ITS IN THE STORY.. I love a good story, so do you I'm sure. This line is more then an innovation physically. Its emotional, something to make a connection to. Marlies has a feeling, a thought, a belief and a cause and she pours it into every detail with inspirations from different times, cultures and ways of life. A rich palette from the Earth to pick from.
Open now for 3 years! I've had the pleasure of being moved, emotionally by changes made in ones heart, of self worth. I love seeing a women who comes in with the perception of a bra needing to be "smooth, seamless, invisible under a shirt, not to be seen" leaving with something more comfortable then they ever thought possible, bursting with vivid colors and designs. Shoulders back, confidence roaring and on a new mission to find a blouse that will show off their new bra. 
Marlies Dekkers.. inspires me.
Amy Brandstetter
Photograph by: Trevor Sower
Model: Ashley Heinrichs
Collection: Joan Of Arc
Luxurious & Rich... More then a feeling!  ( September 23 2014 )
      Something we all aspire to have. The feeling of wealth in one's life. Wether with money, love, family, materialistic possessions or knowledge. Personally, I'd be happy to have them all:) Lingerie has this affect on me! To some that may seem crazy but they probably haven't slipped into a piece of Christine Lingerie... My weakness <3 The newest Collection received at Sedaz Lingerie is all of the above for me. Wealth, love, materialistic possession, family and knowledge all sewn into a single garment. Rich and Luxurious in colour and weight gives the feeling of wealth. The softness of silk gives the warmth of love. The fact that you have it on your body the feeling of possession. For family you could see it a few different ways! :) Wearing Christine definately could entice some family making or when wearing it, giving the example of ones worth to your children... is important to me. I have so many women who feel like there needs to be a special occasion or some kind of role to play to wear something like Christine when really, its a celebration of being a women that justifies the sexiest and most luxurious lingerie in your life. The feeling of being put together and collected as a whole.. Last but not least, Knowledge.. It is great knowledge that comes with designers collections. Christine has traveled the world to find the creme de la creme of silks, laces and in some cases has even bought pieces of art from starving artists who then get noticed, make royalties from her works with theirs. Its great knowledge for me to know that someone got paid a living wage to put together pieces in her collections. Their team are custom making to orders made by business like Sedaz Lingerie that have a sense of pride with what lines they carry and how they play a role in todays society wether its through the economy or by the feeling of richness and luxury its bestows on someone... Christine Lingerie is like the best poetry, chocolate, sexy rolled into one:) 
      Check out Christine Lingerie's Toffee and Midnight Collection under New Arrivals or under her very own column on the home page called "Silks"
      The perfect gift for any women <3
Amy Brandstetter
Sedaz Lingerie... "Something for everyone"  ( August 1st 2014 )
Sedaz lingerie... "Something for everyone" well that's what I said I wanted when my thought stretched from an idea into reality.
I'm so proud of my store and what it's become in the last two and half years. Proud of where I come from and how it's played a role at where I am today, where Sedaz is. I remember when I came home after working a night shift serving in a lounge, plopping on the couch beside my husband who was waiting up for me, at 2:30am in the morning.
Six years of serving and managing in the food and beverage Industry. Working my ass off making people happy, making people money. Increasing sales, making huge changes with extra efforts and energetic ideas to pump up a business that was not mine. I love to work, to strive, to make people feel good. Oh ya, I plopped on the couch..
And said to my husband I was tired of working my ass off for a business, that at the end of the day, I couldn't call the shots for.. He said to me " baby, I trained in Europe in the service industry, have worked in a lot of different places in the world and owned businesses.. I've NEVER seen anyone as good at sales and management as you." Well, he's not just a total hunk, a man who saved me in my time of need but the most supportive person I've been blessed to have come into my life. He asked me what I wanted to do. I told him "I LOVE TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES!!" I have always believed that to feel good inside, you have to feel good on the outside and lingerie, wether it's a necessity item or something over the top, it does just that. Women are the worst at judging themselves and bringing themselves down when trying to pick themselves up. In four months our couch talk turned from plan to reality.. And man, to say that in one sentence does not even begin to describe the trials, efforts, energies and money it takes to start a business. I'm a go hard kinda gal so that's exactly what we did.. In four months, we found a spot, designed and renovated ( ourselves in 15 days!!) found some lines, bought stock, bags, signs and all that jazz! My motto from the day I open that door was "if I don't have it, I'll find it, get it and call you within two weeks" I didn't have everything when I opened. To be honest I didn't even know what everything I needed was. It was all about listening to every person come through my door. Really striving to help people. And that's what I can honestly say I'm ridiculously good at! Only because I sincerely care. I went from a few dressers and a few hangers to a completely packed store with unreal rotation.
XS-4x, a-k cups, 28-48 back sizes, maternity, mastectomy, men's ..etc..
It was my mission for Sedaz to invest all of my profit to inventory. The most amazing feeling in the world is to really pump someone up about them selves. Help them feel confident, have choices for women that they didn't even realize they had. I love coming to work. Walking in Sedaz and knowing that what some people might think is just a lingerie shop, is really a life saver, a soul saver! That might seem silly to some but when you have someone's Insecurity's in your hands and they leave with shoulders back and big smiles, realization of what's really human, what a real women is..... There's no better feeling. Well for me anyway. That's why I'm not a surgeon! They don't see what you've done, they just expect it to happen. I love to see. A big part of who I am and probably safe to say what Sedaz is. To see change, growth, appreciation, efforts and to give change, growth, efforts and appreciation. Customer service and appreciation is what I truly believe has brought my business where it is today. I truly care for each and everyone of my customers and I sincerely appreciate all of the business I receive. I need it. I couldn't do it without the support I've been given.
Sedaz lingerie isn't a franchise. It's a small business with big heart. The most AMAZING LINES out there. Quality!!! There is a huge difference from the lines I carry in comparison to those you can get at your average "chain store" no names needed. We all know who only go to a 38 back and a "dd cup" lol the most common of sizes "fit" coming into my store as a "38c" leaving a 32ff.. Makes me smile:) there are so many great lines in this store that just go above and beyond, engineering there products with such passion, thought and precision. Flare for fashion in everyday wear. I LOVE IT!! I love everything I carry. "Something for everyone" let me, help you, if you need it, find that something for you! I really want this site to be all about customer service, fine boutique shopping at the click of a mouse. Live chat so we can communicate with you when you need it. For those of you who We've had the privilege to meet, if we've fit you, your size is saved under your name in our computer.. If you haven't changed weight, we know where you are fitting, in what lines and can help steer you in the right direction. And if we've not had that pleasure to meet you in person we will do our very best!! Check out the "fitting at its finest" page on this site.
So in that last little blurb I just ranted, I said "we" a perfect opportunity to introduce my #1 gal working for me at Sedaz. Layla!! She's unbelievable. An understudy that is such a try hard and an amazing employee that bends over backwards believing in Sedaz and what our whole motto is about, quality and sincere customer service! I just love her and am so thankful to have her a part of my business. In saying all of that, I guess I could blog on forever:) not bad for a first. I didn't get anyone to put the photos to products and descriptions etc, that I did on my own. So if it's not perfect, if for some really likely chance I spelt something wrong, or there is a hole somewhere:) forgive me!! You read the part I hope about growth and change. I'll get to it and everything is all up hill from here!
Amy Brandstetter